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Canada Should Respect Our Dual Citizenship Rights

Media Team May 30, 2013


CECCO is disappointed with the decision of the Department of Foreign Affairs to expel the Eritrean Consul to Canada, Mr. Semere Ghebremariam O’Micael. This unnecessary escalation in the relationship between Canada and Eritrea is unfortunate. If indeed such acts of extortion are alleged to have occurred we would expect the RCMP to investigate and release their findings to the public.

Canada Must Protect Eritrean-Canadians

Media Team May 22, 2013


The Eritrean-Canadian community is deeply saddened by a consistent pattern of media attacks in clear disregard of the proud history of a vibrant African community in Canada. As several media outlets continue to report about Eritrean-Canadians without consulting the communities that represent them, it has resulted in a growing discontent among Eritrean-Canadians. The media outlets also appear to be disinterested in hearing the views of the majority of Eritrean-Canadians who are law abiding and hard-working people that have contributed in making Canada the mosaic of cultures that it is.

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